Fillory and Father

A podcast about The Magicians Syfy and Magicians related things! Co-hosted by Evelyn and Scott Rogers.

Episodes Date

In "Home Improvement" Alice goes to see her mom after cutting a reluctant deal with Zelda, and Quentin receives startling news while hunting down an item for a dragon. And Evelyn and their dad (Scott)...
October 1, 2021
In "The Side Effect" Zelda investigates the death of her daughter, Harriet. Fen has prophetic dreams. Kady pays her rent. And Evelyn and their dad (Scott) talk about it!
September 17, 2021
In "A Timeline and Place" Penny-23 and Marina-23 travel to different realities, until chaos ensues in a reality with a Penny-40. Meanwhile, Margo tries to solve a problem with the animals and Alice tr...
August 27, 2021
In "Escape From The Happy Place" Eliot discovers that he is being possessed and attempts to break out. Meanwhile, Alice comes to Quentin to deliver a warning: he's going to die in two days. And Evelyn...
August 13, 2021
In "Marry, Fuck, Kill" Julia and Penny search for answers regarding Julia's godhood, Margo and Josh meet Kanye West, Alice learns more about a death, and the Monster and Quentin have a heart to heart....
July 30, 2021
In "The Bad News Bear" Kady receives a puppy, Quentin encounters a snake, Margo makes an offer, and the Monster sets out on a quest for revenge. And Evelyn and their dad (Scott) talk about it!
July 23, 2021
In "Lost, Found, Fucked" The Monster searches for parts to build a body, Janet is returned to Earth, and the Monster concocts a sinister plot for Quentin's friends. And Evelyn and their dad (Scott) ta...
July 9, 2021
In "A Flock of Lost Birds" Brian heads out to enjoy some ice cream with a friend, and Sam takes one week away from her retirement. And Evelyn and their dad (Scott) talk about it!
July 2, 2021
In this special episode of Fillory and Father, Evelyn and Scott talk about the final book in The Magicians Trilogy: "The Magician's Land" by Lev Grossman.
June 18, 2021
In "Will You Play With Me?" the gang finally meets their chance to restore magic at the Castle at the End of the World. Julia gets a power up. Alice makes a decision. Quentin stays behind. And Evelyn ...
June 11, 2021

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